Our Vision

Envisioning a Transformative Future for India

We dream of an India where grassroots NGOs, SHGs (Self-help groups), social entrepreneurs, and indigenous innovators are empowered with the resources they need to forge profound and lasting change. Our vision is a nation where every change-maker has the opportunity to positively impact people, planet, and profits. Together, we are committed to creating awareness on Mission LiFE for a sustainable future that benefits all, ensuring that deep, irreversible transformations are within reach for every community across the country.

Our Philosophy

At SAMVAW Foundation, we are inspired by the potential of indigenous innovations and social entrepreneurship, enhanced by green education, to create profound positive changes in society.

We actively seek and support social entrepreneurs and innovators committed to making social, economic, and environmental impacts, aligned with ESG principles and Mission LiFE.

We assist them on their journey from ideation to execution and market entry, empowering them to develop effective solutions that address poverty, illiteracy, gender inequality, the digital divide, and other significant developmental challenges in India.

In Pursuit of Game-Changing, Disruptive Innovations

Recognizing the need for innovative alternatives to traditional venture investing models, especially in the realm of science and technology-based social entrepreneurship, we have introduced a new category of risk underwriting that embraces high early-stage risks.

We have meticulously developed a three-tier ecosystem architecture to nurture entrepreneurs from the laboratory to the market.

This architecture facilitates the integration of the innovation and investment ecosystems and provides an effective mechanism for resource allocation to mission-driven entrepreneurs.

Designed to harmonize the goals of social entrepreneurs seeking financial and operational support with those of risk capital providers and technical experts, our architecture aims to foster impactful innovations.


The SAMVAW Foundation Architecture

Launched in 2023, the SAMVAW Foundation operates on a not-for-profit platform and extends across a nationwide network of technology and business incubation infrastructure.

This network is supported by various trusts, CSR funds, schemes from state and central government bodies in India, and numerous academic, philanthropic, and corporate partnerships. This robust support system ensures that our entrepreneurs have the resources they need to succeed and make a lasting impact.


Accelerating Pro Planet Socio-Economic Change

At the SAMVAW Foundation, we are at the forefront of a pro-planet socio-economic revolution, creating a supportive ‘ecosystem’ that streamlines access to CSR funds and risk capital for grassroots NGOs, SHGs, and indigenous social entrepreneurs. Our ecosystem not only attracts skilled professionals but also helps these groups develop successful, self-sustaining business models.

We are committed to addressing the key challenges faced by mission-driven innovators, such as market failure, mission drift, sub-optimal scaling, and financial sustainability. Our comprehensive support framework equips social entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to thrive and create lasting impacts in their communities.

Join us as we build pathways to success and sustainability for those dedicated to making a meaningful difference.”

Prof (Dr) Shalini Verma ‘Lifoholic’


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