Dr. Shalini Verma on a Lifoholic Voyage: Driving Green Education and Societal Transformation

New Delhi [India], April 5: In the heart of Motihari, Champaran, a district steeped in the legacy of Satyagraha, a new champion for change and progress has emerged. Dr. Shalini Verma, also known as ‘Lifoholic Shalini,’ is a professor with over 33 years of experience who is deeply passionate about green education and social transformation.

Dr. Verma’s brainchild, Mission GEM (Green Education Mission), brings the SDGs to life through a captivating series of 17 storybooks. Designed for pre-school and primary school children aged 4-8 years, each book focuses on a different SDG, making these complex concepts engaging and accessible for young minds. This innovative approach not only educates children but also inspires them to take action from an early age, fostering a new generation of environmentally responsible citizens who can build a more sustainable and equitable world.

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